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No. 48: New Testament Studies and Sino-Christian Theology




卷首语 神学论题:《新约》研究与汉语神学 THEME: New Testament Studies and Sino-Christian Theology 游 斌 圣经研究当视作神学的灵魂:《新约》研究与汉语神学—神学论题引介 YOU Bin Ideoque Sacrae Paginae studium sit veluti anima Sacrae Theologiae: New Testament Studies and Sino-Christian Theology: An Introduction* 张 靖 《新约》文本中的「墨提斯」智慧母题与意义建构—以《马可福音》七章24-30 节为例 ZHANG Jing “Métis” Wisdom Motif in New Testament and Meaning Construction: A Case Study of Mark 7:24-30 (Abstract) 经敏华 以色列人的荣光与万民的救赎—再思路加的圣诞故事 JING Minhua Glory of Israel and Salvation of the Gentiles: Luke 1-2 Revisited (Abstract) 黄根春 探索《马太福音》中加略人犹大的形象—从单一释放至立体 周柬妮 谢甘霖 Eric WONG Kun Chun Towards the Image of Judas Iscariot in Matthew: Transformation from a Flat Agent to a Multi-dimension Person (Abstract) Kanny CHOU XIE Ganlin 洪晓纯 论言语行为理论对于圣经研究的价值—以《约翰一书》的解读为例 HONG Xiaochun An Analysis on the Value of Speech Act Theory for Biblical Studies: With an Interpretation of 1 John as Example (Abstract) 思想与社会 THOUGHT AND SOCIETY 刘锦玲 爱德华兹三一论的两种模式 LIU Jinling Two Modes of Trinitarianism of Jonathan Edwards (Abstract) 程 勇 保证的宗教信念系统比较法 CHENG Yong A Method to Compare Different Religious Belief Systems from the Perspective of Warrant (Abstract) 冯梓琏 同情利他—宗教与科学一种可能的对话 FENG Zilian Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: A Tentative Dialogue between Science and Religions (Abstract) 肖清和 「昌明天学,吃紧为人」—利类思与《超性学要》 XIAO Qinghe “Spread the Learning of Heaven, and Be an Upright Person”: Study on Louis Buglio (1606-1682) and Chaoxingxueyao (Summa Theologica) (Abstract) 闫飞飞 苦难讲述与权力结构—一个天主教村落的记忆考察 YAN Feifei The Suffering Narration and Power Structure: A Study of the Memory of a Catholic Village (Abstract) 读书与评论 REVIEWS AND RESPONSES 田海华 文以载道—评司马懿的《中国神学》 TIAN Haihua Literature Conveys the Dao: Review on Chloë Starr’s Chinese Theology (Abstract) 尚真洁 中国当代学者佛耶比较研究 SHANG Zhenjie The Comparative Study of Buddhism and Christianity by Contemporary Chinese Scholars (Abstract) 李丽娟 脑科学研究与神学论自由意志的问题 Christine LEE Brain Research and the Problem of Free Will in Theology (Abstract) 学术动态 ACADEMIC NEWS 岳峰 宗教翻译学蔚成风气—第四届宗教经典翻译理论与实践研讨会评析 朱汉雄 YUE Feng Towards A Science of Religious Translation: Reflecting on the 4th Chinese National Seminar of Religious Translation (Abstract) ZHU Hanxiong 张仕颖 爱与研究显明真理—第十三届世界路德研究大会综述 ZHANG Shiying Amore et studio elucidandae veritatis: Summary of “The 13th International Conference for Luther Research” (Abstract) * No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.
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