The development after the Institute's Restructuring

The establishment of the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies was aimed at the development of the "Movement of Sino-Christian Theology". After seven years' efforts, we have reaped the first fruits. During this period, our Academic Director, Prof Liu Xiao-feng could well claim a good deal of credit for himself as he has laid a solid foundation for ISCS's academic direction and work. With the great upsurge in Christian studies in academic circles of China, however we have felt it difficult to satisfy a growing demand due to our limited human academic resources and financial resources. Since our activities cover a wide range of academic areas, such as multilingual translation, academic proofreading, teaching, conferences, various kinds of research project, etc, if we want to continue the above mentioned activities, we will require a larger pool of academic elites who can commit themselves to undertake the work. In this connection, ISCS's Board of Directors has passed a resolution that "multilateral cooperation" will be promoted in a comprehensive way when dealing with academic work instead of being handled solely by our Academic Department as in the past.

We have invited numerous scholars from church academia and non-church academia in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA and Europe together to undertake the construction of Sino-Christian theology. We strongly believe that in this way our advocacy of Sino-Christian theology will become more diversified, universal and ecumenical.

Starting in May 2002, our Academic Director, Prof Liu Xiao-feng has been appointed to a new position at Zhongshan University, Guangzhou. Prof Liu will take full-time positions as Director of the Institute of Comparative Studies of Religions and Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy at Zhongshan University. Accordingly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Prof Liu for his years' contribution in promoting the development of Sino-Christian theology. After the move to Guangzhou, Prof Liu will also take the posts as our Honorary Research Fellow and Consultant concurrently and will work on the development of Sino-Christian theology together with our other academic partners.

Our core work is to promote "Christian thought" as part of the "resources of humanistic thought" in China. In this respect, we would like to make a personal plea to you to participate with us in the "Movement of Sino-Christian Theology".