Toward a pluralistic Sino-Christian Theology

At a meeting of the Tao Fong Shan Library Management Committee last month, I was asked how to delimit the range of book purchase for "Chinese Christian Theology"; this was meant as a help to the newly appointed librarian to assess the quality of books in the present library. After several and repeated consultations with research fellows, we finally came up with the following arrangement:

  • At the present state of construction of a Sino-theology, we put particular emphasis on the contents of the two aspects of study, of humanistic science and Christian theology;

  • Within the fields of humanistic sciences (including studies in Christian and other religions) particular emphasis is laid on Chinese-Western humanities, history, philosophy, political and economical science as well as Chinese studies, studies in the mutual exchange between Chinese and Western culture and in the particular directions of Chinese academics;

  • The field of Christian theological studies emphasizes on dogmatic theology, history of Christian thought, Christian philosophy and studies of the Bible.

These descriptions indirectly show the context and topics of the "Chinese Christian Theology" proposed by our Institute for the coming years. Two essays and several parts of work within this period of time also quietly but clearly herald our concerns. We reckon scholars and academics coming from all over the world, as a sign of pluralistic preparation for "Chinese Christian Theology".