Restructure and Division of Labour

As our Institute entered the threshold of the new century, we were shaken and pained. The source of this disturbance was that we were resolved to move towards "formalizing our Institute". With a change from decision making from expediency to standardized and programmed efficiency, and this even at the expense of flexibility, we hoped to bring every decision we make in line with our goal and break down all the work into closely related units so that all research programs, tasks, publications and meetings are oriented towards the overall purpose of our Institute: to construct a Chinese Christian Theology with Christian humanistic and social principles and theories.

In accordance with the new division of the work, the Academic Unit headed by the Academic Director was formally established to strengthen the academic and research work of our Institute dramatically as well as moving towards even greater diversification. Simultaneously, the Academic Committee of the Institute was also formally established  with members from the Institute as well as from the outside so as to assist in future academic development.

In order to adjust the current somewhat confusing or blurred image of the Institute we set up the
Logos Pneuma Press which is to carry the publications work of the Institute.

We are expanding our co-operation with the outside, and we have strengthened the cooperation with relevant organizations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, North America and Europe for jointly planning and sponsoring meetings and special programs.

The human and financial resources of the Institute are actually quite limited, but Jesus' parable of the mustard seed (Mark 4:30-32) summarizes very well our greatest hopes: although these hopes extend to a far and distant future, namely that from small beginnings can come great results.