Evaluation and Prospect

In November 1999, the board of directors of this Institute invited three well-known Chinese scholars, from the Mainland, Taiwan and from Europe, to form an independent evaluation committee with a commission to evaluate the entire work of the Institute, its aims and its work, from its formation in 1995 until now. In the reference material for committee evaluation report, which comprises some 200 pages, I, in my role as Chief Executive, at that time wrote down a paragraph of my innermost feelings:

 "As I put the full stop to the final sentence of this reference material, I cannot help feeling excited, full of emotions. At the moment those words of a Hebrew prophet in olden times occured to me: 'Not by might nor by power but by my spirit, says the Lord'. At this I could only remain silent and speechless, but being all the more grateful to the Lord who could use this little flock of ours, a group of simple people, to accomplish His own purpose.

"Personally I feel very honoured to work with this group of young and hard-working co-workers to reach our goal of work. Our mutual relationship is more complicated to describe. We are friends with one another, but we also learn from each other. Among my colleagues, Dr. Liu Xiao Feng, our Academic Director, serves as the spirit of the Institute. His thoughts are so extraordinary and many-sided beyond measure that it becomes impossible for us to stop for a rest! In the process to catch up with him, we have arrived, without our own awareness, at a standing aspiring for excellence. Such a relation of mutual promotion is indeed 'beyond verbal description'."

The result of this evaluation is on the whole to our satisfaction, but we are also reminded of improvements that must be implemented as soon as possible. Now, half a year later, we have already taken one important step forward as we see our academic staff to be on the increase. Such a step also indicates significantly a change from an exclusive monolithic state to a more inclusive and open stage of work. For this purpose we have established the Academic Committee, to involve more people and draw on their wisdom, in uplifting our Institute to a higher 'standard'. We cross our fingers and see what will happen!