The Nomination Committee and the Selection Committee

For every Tao Fong Literary Prize, a nomination committee and a selection committee are set up. 

The division of work for the Seventh Tao Fong Literary Prize (2020) is as follows: 

Phase One: The Nomination Committee consisting of 28 young and emergent scholars from different academic disciplines conduct nomination and voting. Based on the results of the voting, a shortlist comprising six original works and six  translation works is prepared. 

Phase Two: The Selection Committee consisting of 6 expert scholars review and choose, from the shortlisted works, one most outstanding original work and one  most outstanding translation work through a majority vote. In the case where a juror's work is shortlisted for any of the two awards, this juror has to abstain from participating in the entire selection process for that particular award. 

The ISCS is responsible for the organizing work and routine management of the Prize. Both the chairperson of the Selection Committee and the director of the ISCS are responsible for the announcement of the results and related promotional activities.