The Recommendation Committee and the Selection Committee

A) The member of the Recommendation Committee can only recommend one monograph and one translation work of his/her own.

B) The Prize in question sets up two committees, including a Recommendation Committee and a Selection Committee.

C) The entire selection is organized, linked up and coordinated by the Institution. The chairman of the Selection Committee and the Institute are in charge of propagating and expanding the influence of the Prize in the academia of Mainland China.

D) The Recommendation Committee is constituted of 17 Chinese scholars. Each member should recommend at least three monographs and three translation works. It is responsible for the recommendation of monographs and translation works in the first stage of the selection.

The Selection Committee is constituted of 7 scholars, among which 5 from Mainland China and 2 overseas scholars. It is responsible for the selection of the academic award and the related academic inquiry.