Selection Procedure

A. Sending votes to the Recommendation Committee.

B. Nomination by the Recommendation Committee. Each member should at least recommend three monographs and three translation works, with no less than 150 words of brief description of the reason for the recommendation.

C. The Working Group counts up the votes, and confirms the first three selected works and translation works with the most votes.

D. The Selection Committee holds a secret ballot among the monographs and translation works with most votes, and selects the winner of each prize.

E. The avoidance principle. In case that in the selection procedure, any work of any member of the Selection Committee is among the monographs and translation works, the member in question should withdraw from the selection process, and not the work in question. If this causes the reduction of the Selection Committee to less than five members, the Institute should employ other well-known scholars to compensate for this.

F. If the first round fails to select the winner of the prizes, the Institute should invite the Selection Committee to hold another round and so on until the winner is determined.

G. The Selection Committee and the Institute draft a brief academic statement of judgment with no more than 1000 words.

H. The Selection Committee and the Institute announce the result of the selection, and inform the selected author, translator and publishers.

I. The Selection Committee and the Institute inform about the result to the winner’s work place, and invite the winner to compose an response statement upon receiving the award with 2000 words or so.

J. The winner will receive a reward of 5000 HK dollars and a medal.