The full name of this roundtable symposium is "Roundtable Symposium of Sino-Christian Studies / Sino-Theology". It started in 1995 when the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies was set up. Some theologians from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia called up to discuss on the future approaches and research topics of "Sino-Theology Movement" under the spirit of "Roundtable Symposium".

The name is to underline its non-centric openness: equality in status and freedom in discussion. Roundtable Symposium also concentrates on cooperation and fellowship among scholars, sufficient time in discussion and sincerity in friendship.

After the 3th Roundtable Symposium, it has already become a public platform for like-minded Chinese and foreign scholars, and brought out many creative articles and promising scholars. These results promote Sino-Christian Studies and Sino-Theology Movement significantly.