About ISCS

(1) To promote a multi-disciplinary studies of Christian thought and culture among humanities scholars; and to facilitate the interaction between the study of Chinese Christian culture and contemporary Chinese humanities.

(2) To invite and mobilize scholars from China and across the world, in the church and non-church affiliated, to construct Sino-Christian theology, which is oriented to international dialogues.

(3) To develop trans-religious, trans-denominational dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and International scholars from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and other traditions in an ecumenical spirit.


(1) Translation:
Translating Christian classics into Chinese, in the hope of laying a solid foundation of Christian scholarship for further research, providing Sino-Christian studies with classic materials.

(2) Dialogue:
Promoting dialogues between Chinese Christian studies scholars (in the church and non-church affiliated) and international scholars.

(3) Contextualization:
Encouraging Sino-Christian studies scholars to discern the significance of Christian cultures within the modern social and cultural contexts.

(4) Interpretation:
Calling for a reinterpretation of the tradition of Christian thought from the perspective of Chinese thinking and existential experiences.