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Organizational Structure
Board Members/Academic Committee

The mission of the Institute follows the great aspirations of Dr. Karl L Reichelt,  the Norwegian Sinologist and founder of Tao Fong Shan, to promote the contextualization of Christian theology in Chinese culture and to further develop dialogue with other cultures and religions. During the trial period from 1993 to 1994, the work of ISCS was proven significant and outstanding. In 1995, the "Institute of Sino-Christian Studies" formally came into being as a non-profit academic institute registered with the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Promoting Christian studies, constructing Sino-Christian theology, enriching Chinese culture.


(1) To promote a multi-disciplinary studies of Christian thought and culture among humanities scholars; and to facilitate the interaction between the study of Chinese Christian culture and contemporary Chinese humanities.

(2) To invite and mobilize scholars from China and across the world, in the church and non-church affiliated, to construct Sino-Christian theology, which is oriented to international dialogues.

(3) To develop trans-religious, trans-denominational dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and International scholars from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and other traditions in an ecumenical spirit.


(1) Translation:
Translating Christian classics into Chinese, in the hope of laying a solid foundation of Christian scholarship for further research, providing Sino-Christian studies with classic materials.

(2) Dialogue:
Promoting dialogues between Chinese Christian studies scholars (in the church and non-church affiliated) and international scholars.

(3) Contextualization:
Encouraging Sino-Christian studies scholars to discern the significance of Christian cultures within the modern social and cultural contexts.

(4) Interpretation:
Calling for a reinterpretation of the tradition of Christian thought from the perspective of Chinese thinking and existential experiences.


(1) Topical Research Jointly undertaken by full-time research fellows, visiting scholars and others in accordance with prescribed research topics.

(2) "Visiting Scholar" "Tao Fong Research Fund" is established to support scholars with advanced academic degrees from Mainland China doing research in Hong Kong.

(3) Academic Activities We organize independently or cooperatively through various channels small and medium scale seminars, open lectures, short-term intensive and regular semester-long courses every year.

(4) "Tao Fong Scholarship" This program is incorporated with several renowned universities in Mainland China.  The aim is at motivating young scholars in China to devote themselves to Sino-Christian studies.

(5) Tao Fong Literary Prize "Xu Guangqi (Paul Hsu) Prize" is awarded for the most outstanding theological thesis and the "Reichelt Prize" for the most distinguished Chinese translation of theological works.

Academic Publication

(i) Chinese Academic Library of Christian Thought Chinese translations of Western and Eastern Christian classics and a critical edition of Chinese Christian classic.

(ii) Institute of Sino-Christian Studies Monographs Series Original writings of Sino-Christian Studies / Theology by Chinese scholars.

(iii) Logos & Pneuma Translation Series Translations of contemporary famous works, course reference books and textbooks from international theological circle.

(iv) Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology Publishing semi-annually for the Sino-Christian Studies and Theology.