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Jan, 2018

New Testament Studies and Sino-Christian Theology
ISSN:1023-2583 Pages: 392    
YOU Bin Ideoque Sacrae Paginae studium sit veluti anima Sacrae Theologiae: New Testament Studies and Sino-Christian Theology: An Introduction*
ZHANG Jing “Métis” Wisdom Motif in New Testament and Meaning Construction: A Case Study of Mark 7:24-30 (Abstract)
JING Minhua Glory of Israel and Salvation of the Gentiles: Luke 1-2 Revisited (Abstract)
Eric WONG Kun Chun
Kanny CHOU
XIE Ganlin
Towards the Image of Judas Iscariot in Matthew: Transformation from a Flat Agent to a Multi-dimension Person (Abstract)
HONG Xiaochun An Analysis on the Value of Speech Act Theory for Biblical Studies: With an Interpretation of 1 John as Example (Abstract)

LIU Jinling Two Modes of Trinitarianism of Jonathan Edwards (Abstract)
CHENG Yong A Method to Compare Different Religious Belief Systems from the Perspective of Warrant (Abstract)
FENG Zilian Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: A Tentative Dialogue between Science and Religions (Abstract)
XIAO Qinghe “Spread the Learning of Heaven, and Be an Upright Person”: Study on Louis Buglio (1606-1682) and Chaoxingxueyao (Summa Theologica) (Abstract)
YAN Feifei The Suffering Narration and Power Structure: A Study of the Memory of a Catholic Village (Abstract)

TIAN Haihua Literature Conveys the Dao: Review on Chloë Starr’s Chinese Theology (Abstract)
SHANG Zhenjie The Comparative Study of Buddhism and Christianity by Contemporary Chinese Scholars (Abstract)
Christine LEE Brain Research and the Problem of Free Will in Theology (Abstract)

YUE Feng
ZHU Hanxiong
Towards A Science of Religious Translation: Reflecting on the 4th Chinese National Seminar of Religious Translation (Abstract)
ZHANG Shiying Amore et studio elucidandae veritatis: Summary of “The 13th International Conference for Luther Research” (Abstract)

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Jul, 2017

The Reformation and the Ecumenical Tradition
ISSN:1023-2583 Pages: 360    
TSENG Shao Kai
Jason T. S. LAM
The Reformation and the Ecumenical Tradition: An Introduction*
ZHU Donghua The Nicene Creed and Jingjiao Theology(Abstract)
Thomas Yilun CAI “I Loved Jacob, but I Hated Esau”: Thomas Aquinas on the Cause of Predestination and Reprobation (Abstract)
ZHANG Tao The Changes in the Responsibilities of the Cardinals and the Papal Election in the Middle Ages (Abstract)
The Transcendental, Empirical and Historical: A Study of the Christology of F. D. E. Schleiermacher (Abstract)
TSENG Shao Kai Apokatastasis and Final Condemnation: Karl Barth’s Dialectical Treatment of Universal Salvation (Abstract)

HONG Lixing Weeping with Mary under the Cross: On Adaptations of Stabat Mater dolorosa from Chinese Catholic Hymnals during the Early Twentieth Century (Abstract)
ZHANG Xiping The Historical Destiny of the First Latin Manuscripts of the “Four Books” in Europe(Abstract)
PENG Rui The Approval and Rejection of Catholicism by Late Ming Chinese: An Analysis of Kouduo richao and Poxieji from the Perspective of Social Cooperation (Abstract)
YANG Junjie Leo Tolstoy and Immanuel Genähr: Venient ad veritatem per fabulam (Abstract)
LAI Pan-chiu Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Public Sphere: An Inter-disciplinary and Contextual Theological Reflection(Abstract)

CHEN Yin-An The Boundary of Difference or the Boundary of Oppression? Review on Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology by Patrick Cheng (Abstract)
SONG Xuhong HER Monument: A Review on Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza’s In Memory of Her(Abstract)
JIANG Linjing Hope in Silence: On Henrich Böll’s Und sagte kein einziges Wort (Abstract)

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Jan, 2017

After the Rediscovery of the Writings of Missionaries in Ming and Qing Dynasties
ISSN:1023-2583 Pages: 456    
YANG Junjie After the Rediscovery of the Writings of Missionaries in Ming and Qing Dynasties: An Introduction*
LI Sher-shiueh “Jesus Did Not Destroy Confucius; Rather, Confucius Was thus Named All Because of Jesus’ Help”: A Close Look at Joseph Prémare’s Rujiaoxin (Abstract)
XIE Mingguang From Della entrata della Compagnia di Giesù e Christianità nella Cina to De Christiana Expeditione apud Sinas suscepta ab Societate Iesu: A Study on Niccolò Longobardo and the Policy of Jesuit Mission in Earlier Modern China (Abstract)
Sunny SHI The Study on Shanghai Dialect Documents Written by the Western Missionaries in Modern China (Abstract)
XIANG Bingguang The Research on The Hsu T’ingMi-Shih-So Ching of Dunhuang Nestorian Manuscripts (Abstract)
WANG Zhixi “Evangelist of Jesusism”: Zhang Shizhang as a Christian Socialist (Abstract)

YANG Yan Woman’s “Image of God”: Augustine’s Discussion on Woman’s Status in The Trinity 12 (Abstract)
LIU Weidong Jacobi’s Critique to Spinoza’s Philosophy (Abstract)
WANG Jun From Martin Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religion to the Philosophical Hermetic: On the Hermetical Property of Experience of Faith (Abstract)
SUN Shangyang The Possible Contribution of Christianity and Sino-Christian Theology to Chinese Social and Cultural Construction (Abstract)
SHAO Tiefeng A Dialogue Between Social Theory and Theology: A Study of Georg Simmel’s Sociology of Religion (Abstract)
Jason T. S. LAM Engaging Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Carl Schmitt in the Contemporary Chinese Context (Abstract)
XIAO Yunze Belief Patterns and Land Rules: A Case Study of Christianity Based on Land-Control Act in Province A (Abstract)

JI Jianxun Approaching the Core Issues: Reviews and Prospects for the Studies of the History of Chinese Christianity (Abstract)
XU Fenglin The Debate on Holy Fire of Orthodox Easter (Abstract)(Abstract)

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Jan, 2017

The 6th Roundtable Symposium of Sino-Christian Studies

Pages: 576    
JIANG Lu Sino-Christian Theology from the Perspective of Interrelation between Theology and Philosophy (Abstract)
GAO Zhe A Contextual Theology without Context: A Study of the Weaknesses of Contemporary Sino- Christian Theology (Abstract)

HUANG Jianbo
HU Mengyin

A Reconsideration of the History of Anthropology and Christianity (Abstract)
HAN Siyi The Narrative of The Cross in Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty (Abstract)
ZHANG Xiaolin The Concept of God as an Ethical Principle under the Context of Modern Chinese Culture (Abstract)
TIAN Shufeng The Missionary’s Approach to the De anima of Aristotle in the late-Ming Dynasty: A Case Study of Lingyan lishao of Francesco Sambiasi (Abstract)
CHU Xiaobai The Conversion as Social Phenomena and a Linguistic Event: Analysing the Reasons of Folk Religious Believers for Converting to Christianity in Late Qing Dynasty (Abstract)
CAO Jian Biblical Stories in Shandong Folklore Literature: A Case Study on the Deluge Narration in SVD Works (Abstract)
ZHOU Pingping The Humanistic Spirit of Ying Lianzhi: A Case Study of his Wansongyeren Yanshanlu (Abstract)
LI Yuehong The Characteristics and Significance of Chen Duxiu’s Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)
YING Fuk-tsang Y.T. Wu’s Reflection on the Reconciliation of Christianity with Communism in the Early PRC (1949-1954) (Abstract)

JIANG Zongqiang On the Monotheism of Isaiah 40-55 (Abstract)
XIAO Jian Gregory of Nyssa on “the Ascending of Soul”: An Example of the Cappadocians’ Adoption of Platonic Philosophy (Abstract)
HUA Wei Did Augustine of Hippo Lose his Debate with Fortunatus? (Abstract)
RUI Xin Discipline and Confession: The historical (Abstract)
SHAO Tiefeng Christianity in Foucault’s Theory of Power: A Concurrent Discussion about the Economics of Religion (Abstract)
YU Zhejun The Intrinsic Logic of Jürgen Habermas’ “Religious Turn”: A Study Focusing on Discourse Ethics (Abstract)
GUO Yu How does Emmanuel Lévinas Introduce “God” into Phenomenology ? (Abstract)
LENG Xin Emmanuel Lévinas’ Concept of Dwelling: A Perspective of Phenomenological Theology (Abstract)
LIU Asi The Metaphysics of Being and the Divine Beauty of God: The Metaphysical Foundation of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Theological Aesthetics (Abstract)
ZHU Caihong A New Understanding of Trinity: From the Perspective of Bhagavad Gita (Abstract)
TIAN Haihua The Feminist Biblical Interpretation and Theological of Phyllis Trible (Abstract)
OUYANG Sutong Reinhold Niebuhr and the Cold War (Abstract)

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July, 2016

The Christian Philosophy of Augustine Chinese Christianity
ISSN:1023-2583 Pages: 456    
WU Fei The Christian Philosophy of Augustine: An Introduction*
SHI Minmin,
Friendship, Solidarity and Shame: On the Idea of Community in Augustine's Confessions and The City of God (Abstract)
ZHU Zhenyu Autography and Universal History in Augustine's Confessions (Abstract)
SUN Shuai The Weight of Love: The Voluntary Order of Augustine (Abstract)
CHEN Siyi Augustine On Nothingness, Matter and the Origin of Evil (Abstract)
WU Fei Creatio ex nihilo and Spiritual Matter: Two Issues in Augustine's Interpretation of Genesis (Abstract)
LIU Chang'an Augustine's "Si Fallor, Sum" and Descartes' "Ego Sum, Ego Existo" (Abstract)

MUN Yeong-geol A Study of the Korea Missionary Attempt by Xu Guangqi (Abstract)
DENG Jun Yun Daiying and Young Men’s Christian Association (1915-1921) (Abstract)
LIU Yan The Rewriting of the Image of Jesus Christ: From Saviour to Proletarian: A Comparative Study of Zhu Weizhi's Jesus Christ and Jesus the Proletarian (Abstract)
YUAN Hao Chinese Urbanization and Urban Inclusion of Immigrant Church: A Comparison of Gushi Church and Wenzhou Church (Abstract)
ZHONG Zhifeng,
LI Lulu
Open but not Tolerant: An Empirical Study of Chinese Social Attitudes Toward Religions (Abstract)
GU Rouyan Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: A Christian Perspective on Bodhisattva's Compassion in Mahāyāna-sūtrālamkāra (Abstract)
GAO Zhe Doing Christian Intra-religious Dialogue Interreligiously: Taking a Mahayana Theology of Agape as an Example (Abstract)
ZONG Xiaolan An Analysis of the Idea of Priesthood of Karl Rahner (Abstract)

CHEN Yin-an Sino-Theology as our Stumbling Blocks: Book Review on Chin Ken Pa's What is Sino-Theology? (Abstract)
CHEN Jing Villages, Clan and Christianity: Christian Studies in Historical Anthropology: Book Review of Joseph Tse-Hei Lee's The Bible and the Gun (Abstract)

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The Church-and-State Relationship in the Development of Contemporary
ISSN:1023-2583 Pages: 408    
GAO Shining,
The Church-and-State Relationship in the Development of Contemporary Chinese Christianity: An Introduction*
YING Fuk-tsang The Politics of Cross Demolition: A Religio-Political Analysis of the “Three Transformations and One Demolition” Campaign in Zhejiang Province (Abstract)
MA Li,
LI Jin
Local Political Culture and State-Church Relationships: A Comparison of Urban Unregistered Churches in Two Cities of China (Abstract)
YUAN Hao Chinese Christianity and Their Tradition of Disobedience: Wang Mingdao, Tanghe Church and Shouwang Church as Examples (Abstract)
ZHONG Zhifeng The Fluctuation of Church-State Relations and the Development of Protestantism In Contemporary China (Abstract)

LAI Pan-chiu Sino-Christian Theology and Soteriology (Abstract)
HE Guanghu In Search of “Between the Heaven and the Human”: The Macro-history, Macro-paradox and Macro-trend of “Sino-Christian Theology” Movement (Abstract)
CHEN Yuehua The New Horizon of History: Observations and Reflections on the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Sino-Christian Theology and ISCS (Abstract)

ZHU Donghua A Chronological and Content Relationship Analysis on Jingjing’s Works (Abstract)
KE Hui Research on the Lord’s Prayer in Classical Chinese (Abstract)
WU Gongqing Disputes on the Image of Celsus (Abstract)
LIU Chang Thinking about Infinity: A Review of Aristotle’s God through Hegel’s Concepts of Infinity (Abstract)
LIU Weidong A Study of Jacobi’s Idea of Freedom (Abstract)
CHENG Jing A Comparison of Niebuhr and Barth’s Anthropology and Doctrine of Sin: Starting with the Effect of Sin on the Image of God and the Concern for Their Ethical Orientations (Abstract)

LIN Feng,
YUE Feng
Cross-disciplinary Research Methods of Theology, Translatology and History on Missionary Sinologists: Reflecting on the International Conference on James Legge: A Bicentennial Celebration of His Birth (Hong Kong and Beijing) (Abstract)
XU Xiaoyan Traditions, Cultures and Sino-Christian Theology: Review on Lai Pan-chiu’s Sino-Christian Theology in the Public Square (Abstract)

The 6th Tao Fong Academic Award*

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July 2015

From the Editor's Desk
Theme: The Centre as Boundary: Essays for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Paul Tillichʼs Death
ISSN:1023-2583 352 Pages    
YANG Junjie,
LAI Pan-chiu
The Centre as Boundary: Essays for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Paul Tillichʼs Death: An Introduction
LAI Pan-chiu Being and Non-being: Paul Tillich, Christian-Buddhist Dialogue, and Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)
CHUANG Hsin Te Examining Sunflower Student Movement under the Utopian Visions of Paul Tillich (Abstract)
YANG Junjie T. C. Chao and Paul Tillich (Abstract)
Keith K. F. CHAN Theology as theonome Systematik: On the Continuity of Paul Tillich’s Theology (Abstract)
WANG Tao A Comparative Study of St. Thomas Aquinas’ and Paul Tillich’s Ideas of Love: In the Perspective of Agape-Eros and Philia (Abstract)
QU Xutong Universality and Specialty: Theological Differences between Paul Tillich and Karl Barth based on Their Controversy in 1923 (Abstract)

Jason T. S. LAM Thoughts on a Phenomenology of Divine Community: A Heideggerian Discourse in Dialogue with Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Abstract)
PAN Feng-chuan Xu Guangqi and Intercultural Dialogue (Abstract)
WANG Zhixi “Between Love and Hatred”: Pacifism, Gospel Texts and Images of Jesus in the Writings of Y. T. Wu, 1918-1948 (Abstract)
KANG Zhijie Chinese Catholic Folk Songs and the Localization of Faith (Abstract)
ZHAO Cuicui,
LI Xiangping
The Interaction of Faiths and its Public Rules: Based on the Relationship between Christianity and Folk Religions of a Village in Zhejiang Province (Abstract)

LIU Xinli,
QI Xiaodong
The Study of German Reformation after the Reform and Opening Up of China (Abstract)
CHEN Yin-an Whose Sino-Christian Theology? Review of Sino-Christian Theology in the Public Square by LAI Pan-chiu (Abstract)

Logos & Pneuma:
Chinese Journal of
Theology No.42


From the Editor's Desk
Theme: Comparative Scripture as Sino-Christian Theology
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 328


Comparative Scripture Should Be Part of Sino-Christian Theology: An Introduction*

HUA WeiGalatians 2:11-14 and the Exegetical Controversy between Augustine and Jerome (Abstract)
YANG Junjiekai perisson echōsin: A New Reading of John 10:10b (Abstract)
QU XutongSpeciality and Universality: A Preliminary Investigation into Karl Barth's Hermeneutic Decisions in the Forewords to the First Three Versions of His Commentary on Romans (Abstract)
LI Sher-shiuehErshiwu yan: Its Urtext, Its Date, and Its Christian Use in Ming China (Abstract)
LUO YingPreliminary Studies on the Latin Manuscript of Zhongyong collected by Michele Ruggieri S.J. (Abstract)
XIAO QingheAijin Xingquan (De operibus Misericordiae)and the Catholic Doctrine of Merit-making during Late Ming (Abstract)

YUAN HaoChristianity, Civic Community and Civil Society: Four Types of Protestant Church in Contemporary Beijing (Abstract)
HUANG JianboSymbolic Representation of Rural Christianity and the Inventiveness of Faith Traditions (Abstract)
CHIN Ken Pa“Be a Real Christian, Be a Real Revolutionist”: A Study on Liu Ching-an (Abstract)
WANG JiajunOn the Thought of Jean-Luc Marion on Icon and its Aesthetic Inspiration (Abstract)

WANG ZhixiWhose "Redemption"? Which "Popular Christianity"?: A Review of Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China by Lian Xi (Abstract)
SHAO TiefengClassical and Theological Implications of Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theological Aesthetics: A Review of A Revival of Classical Aesthetics by Zhang Jun
HUANG HanpingWhat is Antichrist?: A Critical Review of Antichrist by Bernard McGinn (Abstract)

Logos & Pneuma:
Chinese Journal of Theology No.40
Logos & Pneuma:
Chinese Journal of Theology No.41

From the Editor’s Desk
Theme: Sino-Christian Theology, Twenty Years On
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 296

Theme: Sino-Christian Theology, Twenty Years On
LI Qiuling,
Daniel H. N. YEUNG

Introduction to the Theme*

Dialogue with Contemporary Chinese Thought
CHIN Ken Pa The Hidden Dialogue of Sino-Christian Theology with Chinese New Left (Abstract)
YOU Xilin Modernity and the Origin of the History of Thoughts of Sino-Christian Theology in Mainland (Abstract)
HE Guanghu The National Goal of Contemporary China:
A Reflection from Christian and Non-Religious Perspectives (Abstract)

The Inter-Disciplinary Nature of Sino-Christian Theology
XIE Zhibin From “Multidisciplinary Studies” to “Interdisciplinary Studies”:
An Overview and Prospect for “Across Disciplines” Character of Sino-Christian Studies (Abstract)
ZHANG Qingxiong On the Dynamic of Chinese Interdisciplinary Christian Research:
A Response to Prof. Xie Zhibin (Abstract)

The Academic & Living of Sino-Christian Theology
Jason T. S. LAM The Emergence and Continuity of the Community of Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)
LI Xiangping Sino-Christian Theology in Public: A Response to Prof. Jason T. S. Lam (Abstract)

Sino-Christian Theology from a Global Perspective
ZHAO Lin Glocalization of Christianity and the Responding Strategy of Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)
LAI Pan-chiu Glocalization Strategies of Sino-Christian Theology: A Response to Prof. Zhao Lin (Abstract)

CHEN Yuehua Sino-Christian Theology in Chinese Christian Theological Tradition:
Its Historical Context and Epistemological Approaches (Abstract)
CHU Xiaobai Counterpoint, Polyphony and Monologue: On the Mythological Poetic Texts of Boethius’ The Consolation of Philosophy (Abstract)
HONG Liang “Who Hopes, Can Take Action”: The Eschatology in Jürgen Moltmann’s Ethics of Hope (Abstract)

JIANG Zongqiang,
LI Yanjun
Text, Memory and Identity: A Preliminary Study of You Bin’s Holy Book and Holy People: Historical Memory and Ethnic Construction in Ancient Israel (Abstract)

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Logos & Pneuma:
Chinese Journal of Theology No.40
From the Editor’s Desk
Theme:Christian Culture, Sino-Christian Theology and Modernity
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 304

THEME: Christian Culture, Sino-Christian Theology and Modernity
YOU Xilin

The Essence of the Concept “Christian Culture” and its Significance in Sino-Christian Theology: An Introduction (Abstract)

Christian Culture and Modernity
LI Sher-shiueh

The Christian Invention of Wenxue: An Origin of Literary Modernity in China (Abstract)

Jason T. S. LAM

Divine Wrath or Human Passion: From the Debate between Karl Löwith and Hans Blumenberg to the Controversy of Gnosticism (Abstract)

Sino-Christian Theology and Modern Society
LAI Pan-chiu

Public Discourses on Harmonious Society and Sustainable Development: A Sino-Christian Theological Response (Abstract)

ZHOU Xueyi

On the Legitimacy of Sino-Christian Theology in Mainland China’s Higher Education (Abstract)

QIU Yexiang Spiritual Beings or God: Presence as Absence (Abstract)
HAN Siyi The Confucian Awareness of Dim Consciousness: Confucian Response and Reflection on Christian Hamartiology since the Late Ming Dynasty (Abstract)
CHEN Caijun Duoshu and the Early Confucian Catholics’ Concordance of Confucianism with Christianity (Abstract)
LUO Ying Confucius in the Enlightenment: A Study of the Jesuits’ Understanding of Confucianism based on Confucius Sinarum Philosophus (Abstract)
ZHAO Cuicui
LI Xiangping
The Integration of Belief Relations in China: A Case Study on the Relations between Folk Belief and Christianity on an Island in Fujian Province (Abstract)

YANG Junjie M. E. Tsur is Meng-xian Zhou: A Note to Li Sher-shiueh’s “Homer and His Epic in Late Imperial China” (Abstract)
SUN Si Scientific Rationality on the Paradigm of Theology: On Thomas T. Torrance’s Theological Science (Abstract)

ZHU Xiaohong “Christian Faith and Current Ideological Trends in China” and Oxford Consensus 2013

Academic Committee

(in alphabetical order)

       Stephen T. CHAN (Dept. of Theology and Religious Studies, Seattle University)

       CHIN Ken Pa (Graduate School of Religion, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Li)

       Mark C. J. FANG (Fu Jen Faculty of Theology of St. Robert Bellarmine, New Taipei City)

       HE Guanghu (Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, Renmin University of China, Beijin)

       Savio HON Tai Fai (Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples)

       HUANG Yong (Dept. of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

       LAI Pan Chiu (Dept. of Culture and Religious Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

       LI Qiuling (Dept. of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, Beijing)

       LIN Hong Hsin (Taiwan Theological Seminary, Taipei)

       SUN Shangyang (Dept. of Religious Studies, Peking University, Beijing)

       Justin T. T. TAN (Melbourne School of Theology, Australia)

       Milton WAN (Divinity School, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

       WANG Xiaochao (Dept. of Philosophy, Tsinghua University, Beijing)

       YANG Huilin (Institute of the Study of Christian Culture, Renmin University of China, Beijing)

       YING Fuk Tsang (Divinity School, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

       YOU Xilin (Institute of Christian Culture Studies, Shaanxi Normal University, Shaanxi)

       Thomas YU (China Lutheran Seminary, Hsinchu)

       ZHANG Qingxiong (Christian Studies Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai)

On the Re-publication of Logos & Pneuma

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology (Chinese: Tao Fong) was published in 1994. The Institute's former body, the Department of Academic Studies at Tao Fong Shan Chrisitan Centre, originally published this Journal, named Logos & Pneuma ('Tao Fong') as early as 1934, but unfortunately it had to be discontinued (after a few interruptions, due to social and political changes) in 1979, after having published a total of 57 issues.||From 1979 to 1994, the whole Chinese humanistic world underwent profound changes whereas Chinese Christian academic studies during the same period did not show any notable development. The whole field of Christian academics within the Chinese academic world was left to the discrete investigation by individual Chinese theologians and scholars of Christian culture. Reviving the Logos & Pneuma intends to give a new lease of life to Christian academic studies within this new Chinese academic context.

A subtitle has been added to the original name of the journal: Chinese Journal of Theology, the implications are three. First, Christian theology and culture must draw on the fabric of Chinese culture, history and thought as well as social experience in forming a Chinese Christian theological culture which has genuine Chinese philosophical and cultural flavour. Second, a Christian theological discipline must be construed within Chinese academical thinking which through building up a relationship of academical dialogue with Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism as well as the numerous modernist trends of thought, can make Christian theology an element of the Chinese cultural and philosophical system, as well as part of the humanistic pattern. Third, this is a shared undertaking by Chinese ('Chinese': HanYu!) scholars of religion, be they from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South-East Asia or North America.

The journal is open not only to Christian scholars of any denomination, but also to scholars with a background in other religions and to scholars of the humanistic and sociological sciences in general, but only for academically sound and earnest contributions within religion or theology.


  1. 本刊旨在漢語神學的學術建設,促進基督神學之漢語人文-社會科學化。本刊不但面向神學師生、教牧人員,也面向整個漢語文化-學術界,使神學成為中國學術的一個組成部分。
  2. 本刊為基督神學的純學術刊物,不限於任何教派或教會宗派傳統,歡迎天主教、東正教、基督新教各派以及非基督徒的學術論文。不採納講章和靈修文,提倡論文之知識性、學術性和文化性。從學科專業角度研究基督神學諸領域(系統-基本神學、聖經學、教會史、教義史、靈修學、猶太教思想史)、基督教人文科學(哲學、倫理學、史學、語文學、美學)和基督教社會科學(政治學、社會學、心理學、人類學)及宗教對談之學術成果均為本刊歡迎。本刊尤其注重中國文化、社會、歷史與基督教思想的交融。
  3. 本刊鼓勵深入細緻的學術研究,但論文字數連注釋在內以一萬至一萬二千字為限(編輯部保留學術性修改和刪改文稿之權利;不願改動者,請在來稿時聲明)。本刊亦歡迎評論、研究筆記、短論、書評等文稿。
  4. 本刊不接受外文或譯文投稿。
  5. 來稿請另頁注明作者真實中英文姓名、通訊地址、電話、電郵、傳真,中英文之職銜及所服務之機構。附簡歷更佳。發表時署名由作者決定。來稿請附英譯篇名。文稿逾三千字須附英文及中文摘要,英文摘要字數為一百至三百字;中文摘要不超過五百字。另文稿須附英文及中文關鍵詞不多於五個。
  6. 文稿中注釋一律採用腳注式,統一編碼。所引外語文獻須保留原文與基本資料(作者、書名、篇名、年份、出版社及出版地)。
  7. 作者自負文責,一切言論,不代表出版者或本刊觀點。來稿必須未經發表,本刊不接受一稿多投,包括所有繁簡體字之書刊。如發現違規者,本刊將在三年內不接受其投稿。本刊對有意採用之來稿,均於約四個月內回覆匿名評審結果。凡逾期未獲通知,作者可自行另投他刊。
  8. 論文評審標準純粹以學術水平為依據,本刊採用國際通行的匿名審稿制,本刊文章發表前均須經特邀評審人審核。本刊要求文稿或在理論上有所深化發展或具建設性,或在資料搜集或分析上有所進展。文章論題能配合本刊創刊宗旨者,優先採用。
  9. 由於匿名評審操作需時,作者每次只可以投稿一篇,直至評審程序完成;另如一年內作者有兩篇投稿未能通過評審,則本刊將於收到第二篇投稿起計一年內不處理該作者之投稿。
  10. 投稿一律不設稿費。版權歸本刊所有。
  11. 來稿請提供電子檔案(doc檔),並以英文名稱存檔,電郵至:editorial@iscs.org.hk

Logos & Pneuma:
Chinese Journal of Theology No.39
From the Editor’s Desk
Theme: Chinese Christianity from the Field and Data
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 376

THEME: Chinese Christianity from the Field and Data
SUN Shangyang

(Introduction to the Theme)

HUANG Jianbo

Anthropology and the Study of Christianity in China (Abstract)


Reflections on Christianity and Individualism: Based on a Chinese Case (Abstract)

SUN Shangyang

Choice of Churches by Christians among University Students in Beijing and Their Religious Commitment (Abstract)

CHU Xiaobai

The Folk Deduction on an Antagonistic Symbol: A Research of Symbolic Anthropology on the Late Qing Anti-Christian Paintings Jinzunshengyu Bixie Quantu (Abstract)

LU Mingyu

Chinese and Missionary’s Implicit Views on Rejuvenating Women in Woman in All Lands (Abstract)

CHIN Ken Pa W. T. Chu’s Jesus the Proletarian (Abstract)
ZHANG Xiaolin Ether - Power of Mind: How did Christianity Affect the Concept of Ether in Tan Sitong’s Benevolence (Abstract)
ZHU Donghua On the Economic Meaning of Ying (Nirmana) from the Perspective of Buddhist-Christian Translatability (Abstract)
CHEN Yuehua Sino-Christian Theology’s Epistemological Position (Abstract)

ZHAI Zhihong
LI Jianquan
From Foundationalism to Voluntarism:Thomas Aquinas’ Two Modes about Rational Justification of Belief (Abstract)
LENG Xin Wolfhart Pannenberg On the Trinitarian God and His Critics on Karl Barth’s Subjective Trinity (Abstract)

ZHANG Jun The Monastic Theology of John Climacus (Abstract)
WU Qing Text and Field: A Survey on Anthropology of Religion: Review on Huang Jianbo’s Faith, Politics and Lives in a Rural Community (Abstract)
YUAN Ho Unheard Voices: Study on the Migrant Workers Church of Chinese Christianity - Review of Country Churches in Cities (Abstract)
HE Guanghu Christianity and Chinese Culture (Abstract)

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Chinese Journal of Theology No.38
From the Editor’s Desk
Theme: The Development of Sino-Christian Theology amidst Dialogues and Reflections
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 304

THEME: The Development of Sino-Christian Theology amidst Dialogues and Reflections
ZHANG Qingxiong

(Introduction to the Theme)

Jason T. S. LAM

Interdisciplinary Studies: The End of Sino-Christian “Theology”? A Reflection on the Development of Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)

LAI Pan-chiu

Sino-Christian Theological Discourses on Religious Diversity (Abstract)

XIE Zhibin

The Differences among Political Theology, Civil Religion and Public Theology, and Their Possibilities in the Chinese Context (Abstract)


The “Terms Controversy” in the Late Ming China and Political Theology (Abstract)

YANG Junjie

Paul Tillich and China: A Dialogue Worth Awaiting (Abstract)

QU Li The Eclipse of the Spirit? The Position of Pneumatology in the Theology of Karl Barth (Abstract)
FANG Yong A Comparative Study on Political Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich: A Case for Love, Power and Justice and The Self and the Dramas of History (Abstract)

CHU Xiaobai The Image of the “Tower”: A Study on the Soteriology in the Shepherd of Hermas (Abstract)

LU Chengren
XU Weibing
Village Connection and Christian Ceremony among the Lisu in Nujiang River Area: A Discussion focusing on Wadi Village in Fugong County, Yunnan (Abstract)

XU Tao Rethinking the Relationship between Language, Theology, and Church: A Response to Preliminary Studies on Christian Sino-Theology (Abstract)
WANG Rong Fusion of Horizons in Mahayana Buddhism and Christianity: Comment on Lai Pan-chiu’s Mahayana Christian Theology (Abstract)

(The 5th Roundtable Symposium of Sino-Christian Studies)
Chen Yuehua (The Interdisciplinary Conviviality: The First Chinese Christian Studies Annual Meeting)

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Chinese Journal of Theology No.37
From the Editor’s Desk
Theme: Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Studies
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 370

THEME: Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Studies
LAI Pan-chiu

Philosophy of Religion in the Perspective of Religious Plurality: Reflections on the Philosophy of Religion Before and After John Hick (Abstract)

SU Dechao

Is God an Aspect? (Abstract)

ZHANG Qingxiong

A Glimpse of Existential Care and Religious Mood in Chinese Poems from Martin Heidegger’s Perspective about Poetry and Thought (Abstract)

JI Jianxun

Dafumu (the Parents): Another Name of God in Chinese (Abstract)

YANG Junjie Kairos and “Bewusstsein um Kairos” in Paul Tillich: On the Critique of Karl Barth by Paul Tillich (Abstract)
HONG Liang Fyodor Dostoevsky in-between Karl Barth and Eduard Thurneysen(Abstract)
GAO Zhe The Self-emptying Love: On Simone Weil’s Spirituality (Abstract)
WANG Jun Nikolaus von Cusa and Edmund Husserl: A Hidden Thought Association (Abstract)

LI Sher-shiueh Homer and His Epics in Late Imperial China (Abstract)
IP Ka Kei Canton Conference (1666-1667)– Its Significance on the 42 Articles (Abstract)

HE Guanghu The State-Faith and the Religious Faith in contemporary China (Abstract)
XU Tao Comparison is Impossible without Pursuing Neodoxy: On Mahayana Christian Theology:Thought Experiments of Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)
XIAO Qinghe Layers, Narratives and Hermeneutics: On Holy Book and Holy People: Historical Memory and Ethnic Construction in Ancient Israel (Abstract)
CHEN Yin An Typology as a Method of Theological Studies: On Typologies of Ecclesiology in Modern Protestant Theology (Abstract)

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Chinese Journal of Theology No.36
From the Editor’s Desk
Theme: The Face of Contemporary Chinese Religions
ISSN:1023-2583               Pages: 344

GAO Shining

Three Comments on Contemporary Chinese Religions (Abstract)

YANG Xiaochun

The International Institute of China and Hui-Ye Dialogue between Chinese Hui Muslim Scholars and the Protestant Missionaries in Late Qing and Early Republic of China (Abstract)


Y. T. Wu on Christian Materialism and the Modernity of China (Abstract)

XIA Dongqi Saluus per ignem: Augustine’s City of God 21.26 and Confessions (Abstract)
LI Shuqin

Reason and Faith: An Analysis of Tertullian’s Paradox (Abstract)

GAO Xin John Henry Newman on Conscience and the Existence of God (Abstract)
LIU Wenjin God, Otherwise: Lévinas, Phenomenology and Theology (Abstract)
Teresa WONG Yai-chow On the Sacredness and Ordinariness of Religious Experience (Abstract)
HUANG Ming On John B. Cobb, Jr.’s Creative Transformation and its Meaning to Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)

Text Intrepretation
ZHANG Jing Images of the Samaritan Woman and Postmodern Biblical Interpretation (Abstract)
LIU Yunhua Travelling and Dream-seeking: the Beliefs in the Poetry of Wu Yushan (Abstract)

XIAO Qingho Book Review on The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ, Volume 2 (Abstract)
SU Dechao How to Speak of God in Human Language: Comments on John Macquarrie’s God-Talk: an Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology (Abstract)
HONG Liang Review on the Zürich 2010 Edition of Karl Barth’s Der Römerbrief (Zweite Fassung) (Abstract)

ZHU Xiaohung The Value of Xu Guangqi to East-West Exchange in the New Millennium
HONG Liang The 42th Karl Barth Annual Conference and Interdisciplinary Rereading of Classics

Christianity and Nationalism



From the Editor’s Desk*
THEME: Christianity and Nationalism
Edmond TANG
Introduction to the Main Theme*
ZHAO Lin The Reformation and the Rise of Modern Nation-states in Western Europe (Abstract)
GU Weimin Sebastianism, Messianism and Nationalism of Portuguese Overseas Expansion in the Sixteenth Century (Abstract)
LIN Jinghua Russian Orthodox and the Origin and Development of Russian Nationalism (Abstract)
Edmond TANG East Asia
– Nation, People and Contextual Theologies (Abstract)
HE Guanghu The Dragon and the Dove: Nation-Statism and Catholic-Protestant Christianity in China (Abstract)
WU Guangcheng On Thomas Aquinas’ Conception of Creation (Abstract)
LENG Xin Revelation and History in the Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg (Abstract)
LI Chun Hong The Ecclesiology of Schleiermacher (Abstract)
CHIN Ken Pa Miracles do Happen: Alain Badiou’s Interpretation of Paul (Abstract)
OU Li-Jen Telling the Stories of the Suffered: C. S. Song’s “Story Theology” and Its Criticism (Abstract)
黎子鵬 Late-Qing Chinese Christian Literature: The Narrative Features of Zhengdao Qimeng (The Peep of Day, 1864) (Abstract)
Huang Jianbo
ZHAI Jiexia
Reasoning and Politics of the Debate on Christian
Population in China (Abstract)
GAO Shining
Review and Reflection on the So-called Theory of Religious Ecology (Abstract)
WANG Zhicheng
KE Jinhua
The Other, Dialogue and the Hope of Theology: A Comment on David Tracy’s Dialogue with the Other (Abstract)
Jason T. S. LAM The Saving Power of Historical Memory: A Theological Reflection on Paul Ricoeur’s Late Works (Abstract)
HONG Liang Understanding in Difference: Dialogue between Jürgen Moltmann and Tu Weiming (Abstract)
* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.

Christianity and Nationalism


Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology No.34
2011 Jan
THEME: Cultural Theory and Christian Studies
LAI Pan-chiu, eds.
ISSN:1023-2583                Pages : 312

LAI Pai-chiu

Cultural Theory and Christian Studies: An Introduction (Abstract)


LEI Tin Kwan

Cultural Studies and Theology: A Pneumatological Perspective (Abstract)


Timothy Lee Yii LAU

Kathryn Tanner’s Theory of Culture and its Application
to the Emerging Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)


ZHU Xiaohong

Identity and Imagination: Kwok Pui-lan’s Asian Postcolonial
Feminist Theology in Multiple Discourses (Abstract)



The Theological Implications of Michel de Certeau's Cultural Theory:
With Special Reference to Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)


Nick Tai-Shing CHU

Overlapping Reflection and Reflection of Reflection: The Search for the Absolute in Slavoj Žižek’s Theory of Culture and Christian Religion (Abstract)



RUI Xin Re-interpretation of Augustine’s Confessions in Postmodern Theology (Abstract)

LIU Xinli

The Inspirations from the Christian Constitutionalism in Medieval Europe (Abstract)



Jingjiao (Sino-Nestorian) and the Political Theology: A Perspective
from the Basic Problem of Sino-Christian Theology (Abstract)


ZHU Donghua

The Nestorian Stele in Tang China: its Calligraphic Style and the Genealogy of Rubbings (Abstract)


YOU Bin Comparative Scriptural Studies: An Approach of Doing Biblical Studies in China (Abstract)


CHEN Jiaying Universal Religion and Particular Religions (Abstract)

SHI Minmin Religious Dimension of Affection: Comments on F. D. E. Schleiermacher’s Über die Religion (Abstract)

CHU Xiaobei Georges Florovsky’s Theology of Culture and the Historical Dimension (Abstract)

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No.33
2010 Autumn
From the Editor's Desk*
主題策劃︰孫尚揚 潘鳳娟

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No.32
2010 Spring


From the Editor's Desk*
THEME: Sino-Christian Theology and Public Space

YANG Huilin、XIE Zhibin Introduction to the Main Theme

BAO Limin The Tracks and Types of Contemporary Public Theology

WANG XiaoChao On the Influence of Sino-Christian Theology to the Chinese Position

LI Xiangping Sino-Christian Theology: Invisible Church and PublicFaith

XIE Zhibin Sino Christian Theology and Chinese Society

KUNG Lap Yan The Publics, Church and Hong Kong: The Narrative Nature of Public Theology

TENG Yuan-Wei Sino-Christian Theology and the Cultural Situation in Taiwan

CHAN Yin An Considering the Assumption of Christian Indigenization through the Concept of Society: Reflection on the Concept of Culture in Anthropological Theory

HE Shanmeng Xu Guangqi and the Religion of Three-in-one: A Research on Xu Guangqi’s Early Life and the Change of His Belief

LI Sher-shuieh Saints, Demons, and Penance: A Preliminary Study of Alfonso Vagnone’s Chinese Translation of Legenda aurea in Ming China

YANG Huilin To Reverse our Premiss with the Perverse Core: A Response to Slavoj Žižek’s “Theology” in Chinese Context

LAI Pan-chiu Renaissance of Orthodox Theology and its Significance for Sino-Christian Theology

DAI Guiju Book Review of Russian-Chinese Dictionary of the Orthodox Church Vocabulary

MENG Zhenhua An Attempt of Cross-textual Reading: Book Review on Lin Yan’s Rereading Genesis 1-3 in the Light of Chinese Creation Myth

JIANG Zongqiang Book Review of You Bin’s The Literary, Historical and Thought World of The Hebrew: An Introduction

* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No.31
2009 Autumn

From the Editor's Desk*
THEME: Biblical Studies and Chinese Academia

CHOONG Chee Pong、YOU Bin Introduction to the Main Theme

YOU Bin Towards a Sino-Christian Scriptural Hermeneutics: On the Nature and approaches of Biblical Studies in the Chinese Academic Context

WANG Xianhua The Gatekeepers and Ideas of Identity in the Bible in the Post-Exilic Period

WAN Sze-kar “Peace and Security”: A Postcolonical Rereading of 1 Thessalonians

SHI Wenhua The Text and Context of Paul’s Message of the Cross

LIANG Hui Mencius’ Classical Interpretive Method of “Tracing the Original Intention from the Understood Meaning” and Biblical Hermeneutics: Exploration of Wu Leichuan’s Biblical Reading Strategies

LAI Pan-chiu Gavin D’Costa’s and Typology of Theology of Religions

LI Xiaoguang The Tao of Lao Tzu and the God of Process Theology

SUN Xiaoshu The In-group Differentiation of Christians: The Logic and the Practice

CHIN Ken Pa The Impossibility of Gift and Via Negativa: Derrida on God as Gift

Christine LEE “And it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”: in the Perspectives of Kierkegaard's Concepts for “Repetition” and “Believe”

LI Sher-shuieh Perspectives: How to Read Christian Literature in Ming-Qing China?

WANG Zhicheng Where Are We Going in Confucianism-Christianity Dialogue?

ZHU Caihong A Comment on Paulos Huang’s Confronting Confucian Understandings of the Christian Doctrine of Salvation

WANG Rong Rethinking the Religious Dialogue and the Second Axial Age- Comment on Wang Zhicheng’s Interpretation, Understanding and Religious Dialogue (Abstract)

SHI Minmin、ZHANG Xuefu On Gregory of Nyssa’s Universal Salvation (Abstract)

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Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No.30
Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No.30
2009 Spring
From the Editor's Desk*

THEME: Contemporary Political Philosophy and Christianity

SUN Xiangchen
Introduction to the Main Theme*

WU Zengding An Analysis of the Intention of Baruch Spinoza's Biblical Criticism (Abstract)

WU Fei John Locke on Salvation (Abstract)

Will R. Jordan Religion in the Public Square: A Reconsideration of David Hume and Religious Establishment*

SUN Xiangchen On Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Concept of Civil Religion and its Tension with Natural Religion (Abstract)

XU Siyuan A Re-investigation on the Compilation of Tian-Zhu-Shi-Yi (Abstract)

LIN Qinghua On the New Natural Law School's Reinterpretation of Thomas Aquinas' Teaching of the Natural Law (Abstract)

FONG Chun Ming The Suffering God: The Conflict between Aquinas and Modern Theology (Abstract)

ZHANG Jun Beauty, Form and Revelation: Limited Views on the Soteriology in Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theological Aesthetics (Abstract)

OU Li-jen Suffering, Narratives and Dialogue: Paul Knitter's Pluralist Theology of Religions (Abstract)

ZHANG Xuefu What the Christ Event is: On Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethik (Abstract)

YANG Huilin Comparative and Dialogic Dimension of Religious Studies (Abstract)

DENG Xiaomang Complementation of Deep Thoughts - On Wolfhart Pannenberg's Theologie und Philosophie (Abstract)

ZHANG Hua What is Foundational Theology?: An Interpretation to Schüssler Fiorenza’s Foundational Theology: Jesus and the Church (Abstract)

QU Xutong Law and Love: Philosophy, Religious Studies and Sciences in China and the West. An International and Interdiscipinary Colloquium*

ZHOU Xuanyi A Multi-Perspective Investigation of Sino-Christian Theology under the Contemporary Situation: A Report of "Colloquium of the Global Development Trend of Christianity and its Communication with Chinese Culture in the Twenty-First Century"*

* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology No. 29
2008 Autumn
From the Editor's Desk*

Sino-Christian Theology and Contemporary Academic Context

Daniel H. N. YEUNG
Keith K. F. CHAN
Jason T. S. LAM

Sino-Christian Theology and Contemporary Academic Context - Introduction to the Main Theme*

XU Jilin The Spiritual Belief and Cultural Life of Chinese in a Secular Society

HE Guanghu Trends of Chinese Scholars in Christian Studies in the Turn of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century

LAI Pan-chiu Reconsidering Sino-Christian Theology in the Perspective of Theology of Culture

LIN Hong-hsin Theology as a Way of Life

Milton Wai-Yiu WAN Christian Studies and Its Corresponding Religious Experiences: An Essay on Typology of Christian Studies Scholars in China

Stephen CHAN Theology as a Vocation

Thought And Society
WANG Xiaochao Some Considerations of the Content of Sino-Christian Theology: Taking Account of the Delimitation Issue

SUN Yi Sino-Christian Theology and the “Event of Christ”

LI Xiangping Protestant Ethic and its Model of Practice in China

CHIN Ken Pa Deconstruction and Theology of the Cross

OU Li-jen The Christocentric Theology of Karl Barth

Reviews And Responses
HUANG Jianbo Religious Life and Faith in Life: A Review of Christianity and Christians in Beijing Today

Jeremiah CHU A Book Review on Gao Shining’s Christianity and Christians in Beijing Today

GAO Shining A Response to the Comments by Huang and Chu on Christianity and Christians in Beijing Today

Academic News
CALCT has published over 100 titles

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Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No. 28 2008 Spring
From the Editor's Desk*

Patristics and Chinese Academia

WANG Xiaochao
Patristics and Chinese AcademiaIntroduction to the Main Theme*

Charles Kannengiesser
Note: The Future of Patristics*

WANG Xiaochao The Developing Prospect of Patristics in China: A Review on Charles Kannengiesser’s “Note: the Future of Patristics”

Kam-lun Edwin LEE The Future of Patristics in China - A Response to “Note: the Future of Patristics”

ZHOU Weichi The Succession of the Doctrine of Imago Dei - Thomas Aquinas' Succession to and Transformation of Augustine's Imago Dei doctrine and its problem

ZHANG Xinzhang On the Refutation Against Gnostics by St. Irenaeus: And the Relevance of Heresiology to the Study of Gnostic Religion

XU liemin The Spirituality of Desert Fathers

Simon WONG Patristic Studies and Biblical Studies

Thought And Society
ZHANG Xuefu On Bonhoeffer’s Christ-Event and its Significance of Sino-Christian Theology

XU Tao The Humanizations of Christian Philosophy and Chinese Buddhism: Illustrating with Transcendental Christology and laical Bodhisattva Theory

TIAN HaiHua “She Is Righteous, Not I”: An Analysis of Genesis 38

SHI Minmin Gregory of Nyssa On Free Will

Wang Yuen LEE A Pragmatic Case against Pragmatic Theological Realism

Book Reviews
GAO Zhe A Comment on Divine Economy: Theology and the Market

SUN XiangChen The Origin and Duty of Political Theology in Modern Society: On Jürgen Moltmann’s Der Gott im Projekt der modernen Weit

TENG Yuan-wei Review: Edward Schillebeeckx's Geloofsverstaan: Interpretatie en Kritiek

YU Tsz Ling Vivian A Book Review on Trinity, Creation and Culture: An Interpretation of Colin E. Gunton’s Theology

Academic News
XIE Zhibin The Possibility of “Publicity” of Sino-Christian Theology

* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No. 27 2007 Autumn
From the Editor's Desk*

Sino-Christian Theology in Ming and Qing Dynasties

LI Tiangang Sino-Christian Theology in Ming and Qing Dynasties — Introduction to the Main Theme*

SUN Shangyang A Restricted View of the Relationship between Catholicism and Protestantism in China in the Time of Robert Morrison

PANG Fengchuan The Interpretation and the Re-interpretation of Chinese Philosophy: Longobardo and Leibniz*

Desmond CHEUNG The Christian Poetry of Chinese Convert Zhang Xingyao (1633-1715)*

LIU Jingjing The Discussion of Afterlife in the Seventeenth Century — Analysis of Piwang tiaobo heke

WANG Dingan To Achieve Unification Because of Difference — The Role Played by Xin Xue in the Cultural Communication between China and the West in Ming and Qing Dynasty

Thought And Society
TAN Lizhu The Christian Faith: Argumentation or Narration? — Starting from Proclus’ View on the Theology of Plato

Christine LEE Inquiry and Application of Rudolf Bultmann’s Methodology in Existential Theology

XIA Kejun Hapax-theology — Deconstruction of Christianity in Jean-Luc Nancy

YOU Bin The Forgotten Bible Translator: Chinese Literati and Chinese Bible Translation

HUANG Jianbo Local Tradition, State Power and New Religion: Mentuhui in Meigu as the Case

Book Reviews
LI Yuehong The Marks of the Development of Contemporary Sino-Christian Theology: The Significance of Jason Lam’s Polyphonic View on Sino-Christian Theology

LIANG Hui Saving our Lord from the religious God - Book Review on Leonhard Ragaz’s Die Botschaft vom Reiche Gottes

XIAO Qinghe Review on Huang Yilong’s Two-Head Snakes: The First Generation of Chinese Catholics in Late Ming and Early Qing

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 Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology


No. 26 2007 Spring


From the Editor’s Desk*

THEME: Sociology of Religion

‧GAO Shining

‧GAO Shining

‧Keith A. Roberts

‧YANG Fanggang

‧LI Xiangping

‧AI Juhong  Huang Jianbo


 ‧DAI Liyong

‧WEI Dedong



‧YOU Bin

‧XU Fenglin

‧ZHANG Jixuan

‧TAN Lizhu

‧CHIN Ken Pa


‧Simon WONG


 ‧FAN Zhihui






Sociology of Religion---Introduction to the Main Theme

 Sociology of Religion in China

A Scientific Perspective on Religion

Conducting Fieldwork Research on Religion in China:
Methodological Reflections

The “Place” Centered “Space of Religious Activity”--- The Changes of “Religion System” in China

Strangers in the Metropolitan Cities:
The Religious and Social Life of the Christian Migrant Workers

Conagogue-Forest-Jianghu-Sect--- Social Forms of Chinese Traditional Religions

Promoting the Empirical Research of Chinese Religions

Prophetic Movement and Mosaic Tradition: The Hebrew Experience of Axial Breakthrough

The Origin and Types of Christ Icon of Orthodox Church

A Remark on the Gilson’s Conception of Christian Philosophy

Emannuel Lévinas: Time, Death and God

State and God: On Carl Schmitt’s Political Theology


Review on LIU Xiao-feng’s Kairos: An Approach to Classical Greek; vol.1 & Appendix

Revolution Spirit of Modern
China: Confucianism and (or) Christianity or Other Religions

History and Theology: An Interview with Paul Hanson on the Biblical Studies


* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.





Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology

No. 25 2006 Fall

(published in July 2006)

From the Editor’s Desk*

THEME: Reformation and Modernity

Stephen CHAN

Stephen CHAN


‧HE Guanghu



‧SHIH Shu-Ying

‧Andres S. TANG


‧KIM Donghwan


The Awarded Essays of “The Third Distinguished Theses Award for Tao Fong Students”


 ‧ZHOU Xuanyi



 ‧YANG Guoqing


 ‧JI Yinping


 ‧HOU Zhaoyang


 Book Review

 ‧YANG Huilin


 ‧HUANG Hanping



Academic News

 ‧CHEN Huaiyu



Reformation and Modernity──Introduction to the Main Theme

Rethinking the Reformation and Modernity──Ernst Troeltsch and C. S. Lewis, and a Survey of Recent Anglo-American Studies

A Reflection upon the Reformation from Chinese Modernity

The Paradoxicality of the Theology of the Cross: A New Approach to Luther’s Rationalism and Idea of Freedom

The Responsible Life in Calvin’s Theology and Its Relation to Modernity

“Be not Conformed”: Understanding the Anabaptist Faith and Its Significance for the Modern in the Perspective of Discipleship

A Review of Luther’s Doctrine of Justification in the Perspective of the Taoist “Wu-Wei”* -- Centering on a Review of the Suitability of the Term “Sola” 


An Analysis of the Character of Ruth

The Relation between God and Human Beings in Eternal Searching-- On the Overcoming of the Conceptions of Natural Religions and Positive Religions in the Book of Job

The Paradise on Earth-- On the Establishment of the Idea of Modern Progress

Charity in Judaism and Its Basic Characteristics

The Theological Ideas and Approach of Liang Fa 



A Book Review on Edward Schillebeeckx’s The Understanding of Faith

Narrative Perspective: New Development in the Biblical Literary Studies--Concurrently on A Literary Interpretation of the Bible and A Study of the Art of Biblical Narrative  


An Overview of the Second International Conference on Jingiao in China and Central Asia*

* No English abstracts are provided for translated articles, brief book reviews or reports.




From the Editor's Desk








Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.24 2004 spring



Comparative Theology

LAI Pan Chiu

Comparative Theology ---Indtroducing the main theme


SO Yuen Tai

The Flowers Outside are Fragrant: An Introduction to the Comparative Theology of Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

SI Zhu

From Comparative Philosophy to Dialogical Philosophy: Seeking a Platform for Cross-cultural Religious Dialogue

AU Kin Ming

The Method of Comparative Theology of Robert C. Neville

LAI Shen Chon

Reexamination on Masao Abe’s Comparative Studies of Zen and Heidegger and the Inter-religious Dialogue of Buddhism and Christianity

Andres S. K. TANG

Rethinking of Mahayana Theology: Focusing on the Mahakaruna and Prajna of Bodhisattva and Christ

LAI Pan Chiu

Comparative Theology and Sino-Christian Theology





WANG Zhicheng

Toward a Christian Theological Study in the Second Axial Age

KWAN Kai Man

On “Christian Theology in the Second Axial Age” --–Questions for WANG Zhicheng


The Theological Significance of the Shift from Modernity to Post-Modernity


On Leibniz’s Theological Thought

IP King Tak

Lady Helen Oppenheimer’s Ethics of Marriage





Revival of Niebuhr in Contemporary America and Rethinking of His Later Theology

Jason T. S. LAM

Another Type of Public Theology?—A Review on Mike Higton’s Christ, Providence and History




XIE Zhibin

Report on the Third Round Table Conference of Sino-Christian Studies




QIAN Xuesong
   QI Xiaodong

Report on the Conference of Paul Thllich and Sino-Christian Theology




PENG Xiaoyu
   LI Qiuling

Gratitude Speech for the Tao Fong Literary Prize










Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.23 2005 Fall





From the Editor's Desk


Radical Orthodoxy

  • Chin Ken Pa

Which Orthodoxy? Why Radical?—Introducing the main theme

  • LEI Tin Kwan

The Turn to Theology as a Postmodern Turn: A Study of Radical Orthodoxy

  • John Milbank

The Programme of Radical Orthodoxy

  • D Stephen Long

The Beauty of Theology: Uniting the True and the Good, and Subordinating the Useful

  • John Milbank

The Other City: Theology as a Social Science

  • David Ford

Radical Orthodoxy and the Future of British Theology

  • Samuel CHIOW

On Affinity: The Post modern Gospel of John Milbank


  • Jason LAM

A Typological Consideration of Sino-Christian Theology

  • ZHANG Xinzhang

Philosophy and Anti-Philosophy—Eric Voegelin on Political Gnosticism

  • LI Chun Hong

Gemeincshaft and Gesellschaft Bonhoeffer’s Ecclesiology

  • YU Chong Ho

Is “God of the Gaps” a mockery against Christian Apologetics?


  • LI Qiuling

The Subtle Relationship between Christian Theology and Philosophy

  • WANG Xiaochao

On the Definition and Starting-point of Neoplatonism




From the Editor's Desk







Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.22 2004 Spring



Medieval Mystical Theology

  • LI Qiuling      

Medieval Mystical Theology: Introducing the Main Theme


  • Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche*


  • Bernard McGINN*

Love, Knowledge and Unio Mystica in the Western Christian Tradition

  • XIONG Lin

Bonaventure and Medieval Mysticism


  • Paulos HUANG

Eckhart and His Mystical Theology


  • HUANG Ruicheng

Medieval Monasticism and Mysticism


  • LIU Xiaofeng

What is the ‘God’ of Phaedrus?


  • AN Ximeng

A Leap Forward from Jewish Nationalism to Christian Cosmopolitanism

  • SO Yuen Tai

Can Human become God? On Christian Deification

  • LEE Chi Ho

Rethinking the Unity of Divinity and Humanity in Christ by the Sutra of The Awaking of Faith


  • Nathan K. K. NG

Some Clarifications – A Response to Prof. Xiaochao WANG’s Response

  • LIU Ping

A Review of the Chinese version of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Wer ist und wer war Jesus Christus? and Schöpfung und Fall

Memoir Dedicated to Prof. Philip SHEN 


Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.21 2004 Fall





From the Editor's Desk


Imago Dei

◆LIN Hong-Hsin

Imago Dei: Introducing the Main Theme

◆Jürgen Moltmann

Man and the Son of Man

◆Eberhard Jüngel       

Humanity in Correspondence to God

Remarks on the image of God as a basic concept in theological anthropology

◆Wolfhart Pannenberg

Human Destiny

◆ZHOU Weichi

Reform the Deformed: Augustine’s Doctrine of Image

◆SHIH Shu-Ying

Calvin’s Conception of the Imago Dei in the Institute of Christian Religion

◆OU Li-Jen

The Image of God in Jesus Christ:

Karl Barth’s Interpretton of the Imago Dei

◆ZHANG Baichun

Imago Dei in Man from the Perspective of the Orthodox Theological Traditionzy-----Vladimir Lossky’s Conception of Individuality



The Problems of Modern Identity

A Perspective from Kierkegaard’s Existentialism

JIN Fenglin

The Cross and Courage of Being: Moltmann's Existential View of Theology

◆ZHOU Weichi

A Contemporary Debate between Religious Pluralism and Exclusivism

◆WANG Zhongxin

Religious Pluralism, Dialogue and Idea Exchange


◆CHIANG Taifen

Derrida on Talking about Religion

LIU Ping       

Reading and Writing the Concretionary Religious Life: Review on GU Weimin’s A History of Christian Arts in China (During The Period of Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties)

From the Editor's Desk

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.20 2004 Spring


Derrida and Theology

  • CHIN Ken Pa

Derrida and Theology: Aporias — Introducing the Main Theme

  • Jacques Derrida

Foi et savoir: Les deux source de la <<religion>>aux limites de la simple raison 

  •  John D. Caputo

Apostles of the Impossible: On God and the Gift in Derrida and Marion

  • Andres S. TANG

(What) is the Significance of Derrida (for Theological Thinking)?

  • XIA Kejun

The Spirit of the Gift — Derrida’s Thinking of the Gift and Deconstruction of Theology

  • LU Yang

Derrida and Negative Theology                            


  • LIU Xiaofeng

A Semantic Exploration of sw'ma in the Pauline Letters           

  • YANG Jun

The Extending of Anxiety in Christian Context: A Brief Study on Kierkegaard’s The Concept of Anxiety

  • LIU Ping

Human is God’s Concern: On Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Theology of Pathos

  • TAN Lizhu

Emmanuel Lévinas: L'Infini et la Subjectivité éveillée     

  • YAO Xiyi, Kevin

The Conflicting Visions of Church Union —The China Inland Mission and the National Christian Council, 1922-26


  • Guo Chunlin

How to read a picture? ──A Review of Wang Lu’s “The Acts of Art”           

  • WANG Zhongxin

Understanding Christianity in Chinese Context ──A Conference Report (the 8th annual conference of “Christianity and China”) 

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.19 2003 Fall


From the Editor's Desk

THEME: History and Redemption

  • Richard X.Y. Zhang

Introducing the Theme

  • Paul Tillich

Historical and Nonhistorical Interpretations of History: A Comparison (1948 [1939])

  • Wolfhart Pannenberg

Heilsgeschehen und Geschichte

  • KANG Phee-seng

Redemption in History: A Christological Understanding

  • ZHANG Xian

Redemption: The Individual's Existential Witness or the Universal Meaning of History?

  • ZHA Changping

The Dialogue on the Mount of Olives: Its Logic of History and the Consciousness of the Redemption


  • SHI Minmin

Greogry of Nyssa's Perspective of God

  • DENG Anching

Being and God: On the Theological Characteristics and Existential Meaning of Schelling's Philosophy of Revelation

  • SUN Shangyang

Integration of Confucianism and Christianity in Wang Zheng's Understanding of Agape

  • Oh Yun Sook

Christian Elements in Feng Zhi's Poems

  • YOU Xilin

Modernity and Secularity: Christianity's Dual Meaning in Chinese Modernization


  • WANG Xiaochao

Understanding Prior to Critique: My Response to a Book Review by Prof. Nathan K.K. Ng

  • LAI Pan-chiu

Athenagoras and Tatian: Two Apologetic Approaches to Graeco-Roman Culture

  • YOU Bin

Whose Bible? Which Theology? -- A Review of James Barr's The Concept of Biblical Theology: From an Old Testament Perspective

  • ZHU Xiaohong

A Report on Two Regional Conferences Held Recently in Thailand


From the Editor's Desk

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.18 2003 Spring


THEME: Ecological Theology in Dialogue

  • LAI Pan-chiu

Ecological Theology in Dialogue: Introducing the Main Theme

  • James A. NASH

Love as Ecological Justice: Rights and Responsibilities

  • John B. COBB Jr.

Protestant Theology and Deep Ecology

  • Rosemary R. RUETHER

Ecofeminism: The Challenge to Theology

  • Keith K.F. CHAN

Theology of Nature in Early Tillich: An Approach to Ecological Theology

  • Andres S.K. TANG

The Ecological Significance of D. Bonhoeffer's Theology


  • TENG Yuan-wei

The Good News of the Other: Between Derrida's Thought About "the Other" and Christian Theology

  • ZHANG Xuefu

Ousia Homoousia and Hypostasis: The Gifficulties and Responses

  • ZHANG Baichun

The Modern Russian Theology: Difficulties and Responses

  • LIU Qinghan

On Repentance in the Context of christian Culture: Views Induced from LU Xun's Subject

  • SHA Mei

Grünewald: The Glory of the Cross


  • Eris K.C. WONG

Book Review: He Who has Ears Let him Hear: Revelation and Exeqesis

  • Nathan K.K. NG

Review of the Chinese Translation of Origen's De principiis

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.17 2002 Fall


From the Editor's Desk
THEME: Christ's Mundane Face
  • LIU Xiaofeng
Theme: Christ's Mundane Face
  • WU Fei
The third life of Veronica
  • XIE Zhibin
The existing individual: Kierkegaard's path to faith
  • LIN Hong-hsin
In dialogue with Nietzsche's eschatological view of the eternal recurrence
  • WEI Jianguo
Aitematuof and Russian religious
  • SUN Xiangchen
Christianity and modernity: A. Kojeve's reading of Hegel
  • Mark FANG, S.J.
The mystery of Holy Trinity
  • Frank K.P. Chan
Confucian christology of Wu Leichuan
  • KWAN Kai-man
John Hick's critique of religious exclusivism / particularism
  • ZHU Yanbing
Leibniz and his Essais de théodicée
  • Jason T.S. LAM
Issues concerning the "Linguisticality" of Sino-Christian theology

From the Editor's Desk

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.16 2002 Spring


THEME: Theology in the Context of the Tyranny of Value
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Introducing the Theme  
  • Carl Schmitt
Die Tyrannei der Werte
  • Eberhard Jüngel
Wertlose Wahrheit
  • Hugo Ball
Carl Schmitts politische Theologie
  • CHIN Ken Pa
Karl Barth and Postmodernity: A de-foundational theological approach
  • SO Yuen-tai
William Ockham and His Impact on Christian Theology
  • CHEN Rongnü
Modern Form and Function of Religion: Georg Simmel's Explorations from Direction of "Subjective Religion"
  • ZHU Yanbing
Zhu Xi and Thomas Aquinas
  • Keith Ka-fu CHAN
Between Perfect and Separate: The Christian Doctrine of God in Mou Tsung-san and Paul Tillich
  • HUANG Yong
Troeltsch and His The Social Teachings of Christian Churches
  • AN Ximeng
Christ's End-time Kingdom of Peace Appendix: Is the World Coming to and End or Has Its Future Already Begun? -- Christian Eschatology, Modern Utopianism and Exterminism (Jürgen Moltmann)
  • Richard X.Y. ZHANG
Etienne Gilson's Two Books in Chinese

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.15 2001 Fall


THEME: Genesis and Modern Political Philosophy
  • LIN Guoji
Creation ex nihilo and the Social contract Theory
  • Georg Jellinek
Adam in der Staatslehre
  • Leo Strauss
On the Interpretation of Genesis
  • HUANG Ruicheng
Nationalism and Modernity of Christianity in China
  • Frank K.P. Chan
The Construction of Meaning and Social Role of Chinese Christianity in the Movement of rural Society Construction
  • WANG Lu
The Insight of Painters
  • ZHANG Qingxiong
"Between God and People" & "Between Heaven and People" -- Reflection on Christian "Creation" and "Providence " from a Comparative Perspectie with Chinese Culture
  • WEI Jianguo / Nikolai IVanovich Lunev
Pentecostalists of Russian Nationality in the Multi-cultural and Multilingual Context -- A Field Study from Yining, China
  • CHEN Jianhong
Theologians under Hitler and the Crisis of Modernity
  • ZHOU Wei
Thinking the Interpretation of Herder as a Pluralist through the Disputation over the Divine and the Human Origin of Language
  • Yencheng NING
Amendes Honorables for a Noble Cause (II)

THEME: Political Conflict of Revelation and Philosophy
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Philosophy, God and Possibility of Good Life: Leo Strauss's Political Philosophy and Theology  

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.14 2001 Spring


  • Leo Strauss
Jerusalem and Athens: Some Preliminary Reflections
  • Leo Strauss
The Mutual Influence of Theology and Philosophy
  • Leo Strauss
How to Begin to Study Medieval Philosophy
  • John G. Gunnell
Strauss Before Straussianism: Reason, Revelation, and Nature
  • LIU Shu-hsien
Global Ethic and Interreligious from a Comparative Perspective
  • AN Ximeng
From Natural Theology to Theology of Nature
  • CHAN Shun Hing
General and University Education: A Religious Studies' Perspective
  • Ekman Pui-chuen TAM
Christian Contemplation and Buddhist Meditation
  • CHEN Jianhong
Notes on Some Translation Mistakes
  • Richard X.Y. Zhang
Two Notes on Some Volumes Devoted to Patristic Studies
  • LIN Hong-Hsin
In Dialogue with Tillich - An Appraisal of Openness and Commitment by Lai Pan-chiu

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.13 2000 Fall


THEME: Nietzsche and Theology
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Nietzsche's Exotic and Esoteric Teachings
  • Leo Strauss
Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil
  • Karl Loewith
Die Auslegung des Ungesagten in Nietzsches Wort "Gott ist tot"
  • Thomass J.J. Altizer
Eternal Recurrence and Kingdom of God
  • Paul Valadier
Dionysus Versus the Crucified
  • YOU Xilin
Virtue Does Not Promise Happiness - Job and the Decline of the Concept of Reward and Retribution in Ancient Times
  • KUNG Lap Yan
Towards a Theology of Body: A Patient's Perspective
  • XU Liming
"Religious Seeds" - Merezhkovsky and the Russian "New Movement on Christianity"
  • SUN Shangyang
On "Debate over Religious Problems" during new Cultural Movement
  • HUANG Yong
Public Reason and Religious Belief: A Review of John Rawls's Collected Papers
  • CHEN Jianhong
The Interplay of Divine Transcendence and Immanence
  • Yencheng NING
Amendes Honorables for a Noble Cause (I)

New Millenium Congratulatory Message
The Theological Proposition: Extra Christum Nulla Salus?
  • E. Jungel
Extra Christum nulla salus - als Grundsatz naturlicher Theologie?  

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.12 2000 Spring


  • P. Schutz
Zur Kritik der reformatorischen Grundlagen
  • H. Ott
Konfessionelles oder universelles Christentum? - zur gegenwartigen Aktualitat von Paul Schutz' Kritik am Luthertum
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Christ in "Romantic Gospel"
  • W. Pannenberg
Grundzuge der Christologie
  • WENG Shao Jun
On the divine evolution of the early Christianity
Theology and Culture
  • J. Moltmann
Christian Theology for the Future of Humankind
  • HE Guang Hu
Being vs Nothingness: A Challenge to the Compatibility of Chinese Religious Philosophy with Christian Philosophy?
  • CHENG Guan Min
From Kairology of Grace to Kairology of Being: the Theological Genesis of Heidegger's Concept of Time
Figure and Thought
  • OH Yun Sook
The Relation of Mudan's Poetic Imagination & Christian Discourse
  • M.A. Schmidt
Menschlichkeit und Gnade bei Thomas von Aquin
Religion and Society
  • CHAN Shun Hing
Nationalism and Religious Protest: the Case of the National Day Celebration Service Controversy of the Hong Kong Protestant Churches
Book Review
  • CHEUNG Hung Shing
A Comment of Peter Beyer's Religion and Globalization
  • QIAN Wen Zhong
Review on Li Tiangang's Zhong Guo Li Yi Zhi Zheng
  • ZHANG Qing Xiong
A Study on Sun Xiao Ping's Dao fur logos
  • Yu Zi Zhou
Heideger's deconstruction model of Speculative Theology
  • Xiao Feng
Stestov, Nietzsche and the Biblical Thoughts

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.11 1999 Fall


The Theological Scenes
  • R. Nozick
The Nature of God, the Nature of Faith
  • T. Rentroff
Kann Freiheit eine soziale Tatsache sein? - Zum theologischen GesprŠch mit Helmut Schelsky
  • CHEUNG Hung Shing
Expounding the relation between negative freedom and self-construction: a Luhmannian Perspective
  • XIE Wen Yu
Ideal and Freedom: Redemption in Deconstruction
  • LIU Zong Kun
Original Sin, Natural Law and the Political Teaching of Christianity
  • G.C. Berkouwer
The Riddle of Sin
  • B. Ram
The Center of the Theology of Sin
Theology and Culture
  • LIU Hao Ming
  • KUNG Lap Yan
Religion and Morality: A Study of the Models of Christian Ethics
  • ZHOU Xiao An
Can Aesthetic Education Replace Religion?
Figure and Thought
  • LI Yu Zhang
On D. Strauss' mythological standpoint
Religion and Society
  • L. Shestov
Qu'est-ce que c'est Le bolchevisme
Book Review
  • HAN Shui Fa
Reality, Method and Complex-Reading Confucianism and Taoism

The Theological Scenes
  • P. Ricoeur
Le mal: un dfi la philosophie et la thologie

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No.10 1998 Fall


  • A. Farrer
Beyond Augustinian Theodicy
  • F.R. Tennant
Difficulties in the Classic Doctrine
  • A. Schutze
Das Doppelantlitz des Bssen
  • H. Kung
Wer hat Angst vor dem Ethos?
Theology and Culture
  • WANG Xiao Chao
On the Position of Christian Scholars in Cultural Transformation: In Perspective of Emergence of the Latin Theology
  • WONG Wai Ching
From the Movement of Feminist Spirituality in the West to a Reflection on Asian Feminist Theology
Figure and Thought
  • J. Miethke
Ockhams Politische Theorie
  • CHEN Yue
The Becoming Christ - The Evolutionary Theology of P. Teilhard de Chardin
  • CHAN Shun Hing
Religion, Morality and Social Order: Durkheim's Social Theory in Contemporary Perspectives
Religion and Society
  • YAO Xi Yi
The Fundamentalist-Liberal Controversy and the Protestant Missions in China of the Twenties and Thirties
  • GU Wei Ming & ZHENG Yin Da
The Relationship between the Holy See and the Fascist Regimes in Italy or Germany
Book Review
  • CHEN Jian Hong
Reading Montaillou from the Outside

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.9 1998 Fall


The Theological Scenes
  • D. Wiederkehr
Perspektiven der Eschatologie - Einfuhrung
  • H. Ott
Der Ort der Eschatologie - Futurische oder Prasentische, Individuelle oder Kosmische Eschatologie
  • LAI Pan Chiu
Tillich's Interpretation of the Kingdom of God and Chinese Christian Eschatology
  • W. Hubener
Carl Schmitt und Hans Blumenberg oder uber Kette und Schlu£] in der Historischen Textur der Moderne
Theology and Culture
  • ZHANG Qing Xiong
Christian Revelation, Buddhist Enlightenment and Confucian Destiny
  • TENG Yuan Wei
Theology in Tradition and Dialogue: In Light of the Debate between Gadamer and Habermas to Investigate the Construction of Sino-Christian Theology
  • PAN Pei Chi
A Hermeneutic Study about "Veritable Record of the Authentic Tradition of the True Faith in the Infinite God"
Figure and Thought
  • Leung Sau Wah
The Social Implications of a Transcendental Faith - A Re-interpretation of Wang Ming-Tao's Social Teaching
  • XIE Wen Yu
On Approaches to Christology: A Comparison between Schleiermacher and Tillich
  • XU Zheng Lin
Zhou Zuo Ren and Christianity
Religion and Society
  • KWAN Kai Man
Is the Decline of Religion Inevitable in Modern Society? - A Re-Examination of the Secularization Theory
Book Review
  • CHEUNG Hung Shing
A Comment on Michael Novak's 'The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  • YOU Bin
Tension between Ren and Li: Reviews of the Neo-Confucian Studies of Dr. Wen Wei Yao and Dr. Yang Qing Qiu

The Theological Scenes
  • E. Jungel
Metaphorische Wahrheit - Erwagungen zur theologischen Relevanz der Metapher als Beitrag zur Hermeneutik einer narrativen Theologie

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.8 1998 Spring


  • CHIN Ken Pa
Theological Discourse on the "Linguistic Turn"
  • R. Leuenberger
Theologische Implikation en Kirchlicher Okonomie
  • R. Staats
Die heilende Kraft des Geldes - Zur kirchlichen Wirtschaftsethik vor der franziskanischen Wende
  • J.C.-Bundschuh
Kirche und Geld - Versuch einer theologischen Orientierung
  • R. Brandle
Geld und Gnade - 2.Kor. Kapiteln 8 und 9
Theology and Culture
  • ZHUO Xin Ping
The Figurists and the Acknowledgment of Similarities in Chinese and Western Cultures
  • TAN Li Zhu
The Biblical Description of the Temptation and the Human Comprehension of Being-in-the-World
  • Mark FANG
A Christian's View on the Relationship between Confucius and his Students
Figure and Thought
  • SUN Yi
On the Philosophic Significance of Kierkegaard's Style of the Polyphonic Narration
  • TANG Siu Kwong
On E. Bonhoeffer's Sanctorum Communio - A Theology of Individual and Community
Religion and Society
  • YANG Nian Qun
"Social Gospel" and the Movement of Rural Society's Construction
Book Review
  • Stephen T.Chan
Pelikan and his Dogmatic Development

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.7 1997 Fall


The Theological Scenes
  • R.N. Bellah
Religion and the Legitimation of the American Republic
  • H. Kleger / A. Muller
Mehrheitskonsens als Zivilreligion? - Zur Politischen Religionsphilosophie innerhalb liberal-Konservativer Staatstheorie
Theology and Culture
  • A. Nichols
Topography of Modern Orthodox Theology
  • Bruno Forte
Trinity and Society
  • ZHOU Wei Chi
Two Approaches to One Trinity
Figure and Thought
  • LAI Pan Chiu
Paul Tillich on Humanity and Nature: A Chinese Perspective
  • Harry A. Wolfson
The Identification of Ex Nihilo with Emanation in Gregory of Nyssa
  • CHIU Shung Ming
Nietzsche's "The Death of God" and Moltmann's "The Crucified God
Religion and Society
  • DU Jing Zhen
Caught in Between - Native Preachers in Early Chinese Missions
  • FAN Li Zhu / R. Madsen
An Interpretation of The Catholic Religion in Northern Rural China - An Investigation of The Catholic Community in Xianxian and Baodi County
Book Review
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Survey on the Genesis of Confucian Spirit of Revolution

The Theological Scenes
  • W. Pannenberg
Die Subjektivitat Gottes und die Trinitatslehre - Ein Beitrag zur Beziehung zwischen Karl Barth und der Philosophie Hegels

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.6 1997 Spring


  • E. Jungel
Das Verhaltnis von "okonomischer" and "immanenter" Trinitat
  • D. Muller
Die Musik und die Trinitat - Prolegomena zu einer Theologie der Musik
  • ZHANG Qing Xiong
The Concept of Trinitarian God
Theology and Culture
  • W. Kubin
"Die Krankheit Gott" - Die Krankheit Mensch
  • ZHANG Xiang Long
A Comparison between Eastern and Western Outlooks on Divinity - A Critique of the Methodological Monism in Understanding Religions
  • TAM Kai Kin
Historical Account of the Division between Eastern Orthodox Church and Western Catholic Church
Figure and Thought
  • YING Fuk Tsang
From Confucian to Christian - the changes of T.M. Van (1866-1939)
  • TANG Siu Kwong
The Salvific Power of Memory - A Moltmannian Interpretation
  • E. Przywara
Edith Stein
Religion and Society
  • LIU Jin Chang
Catholic Social Teaching: Since Vatican II
  • L.L.Vallauri
Philosophisch - Theologischer Prolog -Der Problemhorizont "Christentum, Sakularisation und Modernes Recht"
Book Review
  • LIU Yi Huan
Subjectively Proofreading and Correcting Several Clerical Errors in "The Greek New Testament" - A Topic in Addition
  • CHOW Siu Chun
Critical Review on "The Wisdom of Luke"
  • YEO Khiok Khng
Let "The Wisdom of Luke" not to be too academic
  • XIE Wen Yu
What will be the future of Chinese Theological studies? - Review on the First Conference for Chinese students and scholars of theology in North America

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.5 1996 Fall


The Theological Scenes
  • J. Habermas
Transzendenz von innen, Transzendenz ins Diesseits
  • N. Luhmann
Gott als Form der Freiheit
  • J. Macquarrie
Ebb and Flow of Hope: Christian Theology at the End of the Second Millennium
Theology and Culture
  • LIU Xiao Feng
The Book of Job and the Crisis of the ancient Concept of Wisdom
  • WU Bo Fan
The Flesh Becomes Stone and the Spirit Exists Outside Material - A Phenomenological Observation on the Religiosity in Chinese Art
  • TU Shi Hua
Nestorianism in China as a Case in the History of Catholic Missions
  • WENG Shao Jun
The Characteristics of Divinity in Ancient Greek Religion and Theology
Figure and Thought
  • CAO Wei Dong
The Shaping of Habermas' Concept of Religion
  • LIU Xiao Feng
T. Luhmann's Idea of Religion in His Liberal Social Theory
Religion and Society
  • LIU Zhao Rui
God's Vineyard on the Mount - Report form a Sociological Fieldwork at a Catholic Village in South China
Book Review
  • HUANG Yong
Wolfhart Pannenberg and His "Was ist der Mensch?"

The Theological Scenes
  • HUANG Yong
Religious Pluralism and Religious Dialogue

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.4 1996 Spring


  • R.Bella
Religious Pluralism and Religious Truth
Theology and Culture
  • ZHANG Xiang Long
The Difficult Circumstances of "Reasonable Faith" and the "Doctrine of the Mean and Perfect Sincerity" of Confucianism
  • YEO Khiok Khng
The Rhetoric of Cicero and Augustine
  • L.P. Wessell
A Theodicy in the Eighteenth Century and the Death of God
Figure and Thought
  • LI Tian Gang
The Life and the Thought of Ma Xiang Bo
  • XU Feng Lin
V.Frank's Analysis of Agnosticism and the Evil of the World
  • TANG Siu Kwong
J.Moltmann's analysis of Nothingness
Religion and Society
  • AN Xi Meng
On the Apocalypse of Political Theology and Contemporary social life
Book Review
  • LAI Pan Chiu
Contemporary Survey of T. Peter's Theory of the Trinity
  • KWAN Shi Man
Critique of Liu Xiao Feng's idea of Sino-Christian Theology
  • LU Meng
Between the Holy and the Secular: On S. Well
  • ZHANG Xian Yong
Remark on two Notes in "Tracing Bible Translation"

Logos & Pneuma Chinese Journal of Theology
No.3 1995 Fall


The Theological Scenes
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Prayer and Response from God - Theological Reflection on the Practice of Prayer after Auschwitz
  • Leonard Swidler
What Christianity can offer Asia - especially China in the third Millennium
  • Mark FANG
Contemporary Approach of Old Testamental Studies
Theology and Culture
  • LI Zhi Gang
Rev. Robert Morrison and the Beginning of Sinology in the English - speaking World
  • ZHANG Zhi Gang
Three different Explanations of the conflict between Christianity and Science
  • Philip P. CHIA
Text, Indigenous Interpretation and the Turning of Hermeneutics
Figure and Thought
  • MA Min
Francis C.M. Wei's View of Christian Culture
  • Pieere-Henry de Bruyn
The Logic of H.U.von Balthasar' Christology
  • YIP King Tak
Emil Brunner's Theology of Family
  • CHAN Shun Hing
The Philosophy of Hope of Ernst Bloch - Utopia and Human Possibility
Religion and Society
  • CHIN Ken Pa
Liberation, Utopian Dynamics and Theological Meaning
Book Review
  • LU Xia De
The New Topic for Christian Studies - Review of "Contemporary Protestant Church"

The Theological Scenes
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Sino-Christian Theology in the Modern Context

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No. 2 1995 Spring


  • TANG Yi
The Theodicy of Process Theology
  • YEO Khiok Khng
The Challenge of Feminist Theology to Hermeneutics
  • David Tracy
Theology and the Many Faces of Postmodernity
Theology & Culture
  • LIU Shu Hsien
The Modernization and Religious Significance of Confucian Traditions
  • HE Guang Hu
An Overview on "Indigenous Theology"
  • ZHU Yan Bing
The Societas Jesu and the Cultural Interaction between the East and the West in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
  • ZHENG Xiao Mang
The Piety of the "Tang Monk" (Xuan Zang) and the Devoutness of Christian Martyr
  • Ding Fang
A Sketch of Russian Icons
Figure & Thought
  • LEI Yong Sheng
A Bitter Struggle of Mind - The Way of Berdyaev to Christianity
  • WENG Shao Jun
"Metaphysics" by Aristotle and Its Theology
Religion & Society
  • JIANG Zu Hua
The Social Instruction of the Catholic Church and the Problem of Racial Issues in Taiwan
Book Reviews
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Agape and Eros

Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology
No. 1 1994 Summer


The Theological Scenes
  • CHIN Ken Pa
A Theological Reflection on the Modernity / Post-Modernity Debate
Theology & Culture
  • FAN Ming Sheng
Greek Hellenistic Philosophy and Early Christian Theology
  • WANG Zhi Cheng
Doubt about God: A Study of Hellenistic and Roman Skeptical Theology
  • LI Qiu Ling
The Theological Problem and the Decline of Medieval Mysticism
Figure & Thought
  • ZHANG Xian Yong
T.C. Chao's Concept of Redemption
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Ernst Troeltsch's Understanding of "Modernity" and Its Theological Consciousness
  • YIP King Tak
Emil Brunner's Theology of Marriage
  • DONG You
Serger Bulgakov and His Idea of Sofia
Religion & Society
  • Mark FANG
The Concept of State and Community in the Old Testament
  • LIU Xiao Feng
Religion and Free Construction of Democratic Society: The Viewpoints of A. Tocqueville and T. Parsons
Book Reviews
  • LI Cheng Yan
The Theologian and Mozart
  • WENG Shao Jun
A Discussion of "The Symbol of Evil" by Paul Ricoeur